Sports Management

Sports Management

Sports Management

Sports management courses provide both general and sport-specific knowledge and skills including:

Sport is about heroes. It’s about those we scream at and cheer on from the sidelines before we go out and imitate them on the sports pitch.

Sports employers look to hire graduates who demonstrate the following skills and competencies:

Course will teach you technical and practical skills to enable you to critically evaluate and interpret information and apply your knowledge to solve problems.

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You will also learn general transferable skills such as teamwork, communication, IT, time management and self-appraisal.

Consider the skills developed on your course as well as through your other activities, such as paid work, volunteering, family responsibilities, sport, membership of societies, leadership roles, etc. Think about how these can be used as evidence of your skills and personal attributes. Then you can start to market and sell who you really are, identify what you may be lacking and consider how to improve your profile.